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Different Kinds of Mental Health Service Providers

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A wonderful thing about recent years has been that people are getting aware of mental health. Resultingly, there has been an upsurge of mental health professionals who help people in need.

If you require mental health services in savannah, ga, you must be wondering which mental health specialist you should consult. Various mental health specialists can be consulted for various issues. Their job titles and the services they provide are described below.


If you require therapy, you should consider consulting a psychologist. Their training includes diagnosing all kinds of mood, anxiety, eating, substance abuse, learning, and other disorders. They can also be consulted for emotional support. Their purpose is not only to treat but to rehabilitate by giving you the tools to manage your symptoms by yourself.


If you require medication for a mental health condition, consider consulting a psychiatrist. They are trained to diagnose the same disorders as psychologists. They treat disorders not through therapy but medication. Most psychiatrists do not offer therapeutic counseling.

Peer specialists

If you need support and understanding, you might want to consider a peer specialist. Peer specialists are people who have themselves undergone the mental health condition that they are consulted for. Through personal experience, they strive to help others in need. Peer specialists act as support systems and role models but are not clinical professionals.

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Mental health counselor

If you are going through a difficult emotional time and need counseling and support, seeking a counselor’s help is advisable. They are trained to treat people who are coping with grief, mood disorders, or delusions in their life. They do not have a license to provide medication but can recommend you to a psychiatrist for the same.


Mental health is important and should be taken as seriously as physical health. Begin your journey to a healthy life by choosing the right mental health specialist according to your requirement.